Thank you for visiting Aquatooth Limited website.

I have taken down our website because we are seeking a new partnership with a company importing goods from China.

We can liaise with your Chinese suppliers for your products, preferably under contract using Aquatooth Limited.

Our office is based in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, however I could re-locate.

The following areas are our expertise and known trusted manufacturers mostly within 3 hours travel of Nantong City;


Aluminium extrusion, anodising, other finishes, can produce mold for your extrusions.

On-site check an agreed percentage of your order for thickness of anodisation, packing, to your requirements.

Plastic extrusions, injection molding.

Sheetmetal work, marine grade stainless steel, zinc coat mild steel, powder coat, turret pressing, laser cutting, eg; airconditioner case, battery bank cabinet, fully customised for your products.

Steel fencing products, pool fencing, playground, security, farming.

Solar panels, custom size, wattage, voltage, encapsulation materials (TPT, PET, epoxy), framing.

Solar accessories, PV wire, connectors, SS cable ties, isolators, DC circuit breakers, fusing.

Inverters, grid connect, off grid, SLA batteries.

Solar mounting components, aluminium, marine stainless, fibre reinforced plastic, SS nuts, bolts, roof screws.

Powder coat steel cabinets, ABS plastic, eg; custom made DC combiner, isolation cabinets.

Low wattage spot cooling airconditioner manufacturer.

Anchor lifting systems, wire rope slings. Used for pre-cast concrete.

Steel poles, bollards, street light, public lighting, eg; Park security light with mounting for CCTV.

Other products

Nantong city, county and surrounds have a huge number of manufacturing companies that we can liaise with eg;

Textiles, bedding, clothing.

Sporting and exercise equipment.

Marine products, shipbuilding.


On-site inspection and report of your goods prior to shipment.

Manage your products door to door, from factory floor to your premises using our trusted contacts, shipping agent, customs broker. Totally under our control with you as our partners.

Attend to issues with your suppliers to rectify problems and/or find new suppliers.

Customise packaging, arrange OEM branding/ production.

Safeguard your IP by using multiple suppliers so that your item cannot be copied or sold grey market.

Produce electronic and printed specifications to your requirements. Can print adhesive labelling.

Order samples and inspect them at our office and report back. This reduces time and cost. External testing can be arranged.

I am sure there is more and will edit this in due course!

Welcome you contact using my first name (AT) this domain.

Simon Bradley Last update 2019-10-04

Should you be a past customer and require assistance with a warranty claim, please do get in touch.